Joseph Shabason – Escape from North York / 0-13 [Listen]

Today Toronto musician Joseph Shabason dropped Escape from North York and 0-13.
The two track is taken from the upcoming album of the same name which comes out on April 30, 2021 via Western Vinyl (USA + ROW) and Telephone Explosion (Canada).
While both tracks aren’t as epic from the leading single but they bring a sense of the creativity and auto-biographic of Joesph’s upbringing.
Escape from North York has that intense vibe of people trying to escape something scary.
0-13 has that experimental Japanese style new age vibe.

About the tracks:
The anxiously experimental “Escape From North York” jolts the cadence of The Fellowship forwards and backwards by way of skittering jazz percussion as a nauseated synth melody balloons into full-on terror, all while the melodic elements are ambushed from below by a flash flood of air rending texture.
The title (a play on John Carpenter’s Escape From New York) refers to the area of Toronto where Shabason’s parents were raised, and rebelliously fled in their twenties against their own parents’ wishes.

“0-13” dispenses with both innocence and clarity, unraveling into aleatoric unease representing “the first chink in the armour,” as Joseph admits, “and the first time I really started to question everything I’d been taught.”

Escape from North York gets: /10.
0-13 gets: /10.

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