Braids – Young Buck (DJ Python Remix) [Music Video]

Has been a year since Young Buck was released.
Today, Braids dropped the New York-based DJ Phyton Remix and music video edit of said track out on Secret City Records.
This remix makes the original track more exciting with a banging clubby and dance vibe.

About the remix:
“Upon receiving DJ Python’s remix of our track Young Buck, my pining for the dance floor kicked in,” explains Braids. “I pulled my car over to an empty parking lot and turned the volume up as far as it could go.
Alone beside the concrete barriers of a now desolate shopping mall, I was reminded of bodies beside bodies, of a night that you never want to end, of sweat, of joy.

For a moment I was transported from my new and uncomfortable reality: distanced, living through a pandemic, to memories streaming behind my closed eyes, of a life lived prior, and one that will be lived again.
This track offers the fuel needed to keep going, the energy needed to stay hopeful. When I close my eyes and dance to it in my living room, I am at the club and the club is with me.”

Young Buck (DJ Python Remix) gets:

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