Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place [Review]

Just happened to stumbled The Magic Place by Julianna Barwick.

First time listening to this and left me with a big impression.
So I was not familiar besides she is on Asthmatic Kitty home to Sufjan Stevens.
The Magic Place is nine tracks filled with lyric-less experimental ambient dream-pop music.
Listening to the whole album struck accord to me.
It was like being taken to a dream-like world and just pulled me away from the troubles in life.
It is such a soothing and relaxing album.
Lots of great instrumentations with layers of sound and melodic vocals of Julianna.

This is an album for those that doesn’t have the patiences or stomach in the lyric less dream-pop.
For those who like Memoryhouse or Braids without the singing, this is the one to get.
All I have to say that this album is magic.
Parts felt like I was listening to Gregorian chant which was big in 1994 with Chant.
Overall a superb album. Check it out on her Bandcamp site.

Best tracks:

I’d give this album 9/10.
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