July Talk – Pay For It [Music Video]

July Talk fans should be happy about this!
They released the music video called Pay For It from the album of the same name dropping on July 10, 2020 via Sleepless Records in Canada and BMG worldwide.
It has been four year since their last album Touch and with Pray For It, July Talk commits to the possibility of alternate endings, acknowledging the power of vulnerability as a way to begin again.
This is more a gentle side of July Talk that hasn’t been shown alot through high energetic rock music!

About the song and music video.
Black + white and vividly complex, Pray For It is about breaking patterns of action and reaction.
Conflict, a major theme throughout, drives the story behind the steel-toed shoegaze swoon of “Pay For It,”.
“I wrote this song after a group of men violently attacked my friends and bandmates in a fast-food restaurant one late summer night. Their rage erupted quickly and violently, like an old habit,” shares July Talk’s Leah Fay.
“This song gave me a chance to reimagine the experience with a sense of agency, to tell it like it is, like it always has been.
If we question our ingrained habits which recycle states of violence, greed, destruction and hate, we can disrupt these toxic patterns and heal.”

With Pray For It, July Talk continues to rise with purpose and poise.
From the start, the band has fostered a community of creators and collaborators on stage, on film and among those also challenging systemic inequities.
July Talk has also grown in their roles as advocates of an urgent and fundamental music industry recalibration, through curatorial partnerships with festivals and by defining their own parameters for safer spaces at rock shows.

Pay For It (Song) gets:

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