JUNOfest @ Ritual [March 31, 2012]

This was the last stop of JUNOfest, for which I decided to head to Ritual after Mavericks.
At Ritual was Austra and Diamond Rings, who played a DJ set.
With a lot of people texting me saying they were at Ritual, I was lucky to get in, but it wasn’t too crazy packed.
I was surprised to see Simon and Taylor of Timber Timbre there; who knew Taylor was into “dance music”. 😛

Here goes with this post – hope I don’t get in trouble with what I have to say!

First, I must say I had some déjà vu from 2010, when it was pre-Austra and simply Katie Stelmanis. I saw them at Wrongbar in Toronto, and it took awhile for her to get started.
Now in 2012, Austra hadn’t even started when I arrived at around 1:10am.

They were late because apparently they needed more bass or something.
While waiting, this guy in the audience yelled something about fixing the sound problem; his friend then told him not to be rude.
After 30 minutes of technical difficulties, the set finally started, with “The Villian”, “Lose It”, “Darken Her Horse”, “The Beat and the Pulse” and the last song which title I forget – so five songs.
It was a gong-show during the looping of “Lose It”.Whoever was at this show, were you impressed?
I made the most of it by dancing and singing like a fool.
Funny side note: I was being molested by some drunken girl wearing a plastic tiara. It took two songs for her friend to tell her to stop.
All that being said, it was an interesting set to say the least.After that, it was Diamond Ring’s DJ set.
I felt bad because half the audience left, but at least there was room on the dance floor.
This set was fun, because he spun techno, house and dance-pop, from Robyn to Whitney to Technotronic.
It was a trip down memory lane hearing these “old skool” tracks.
What was also super fun was that he did some dancing with the crowd; that’s what you call an interactive DJ.
I wish I had stayed longer, but it was getting late and I was getting tired.Overall, it was a great night for Ottawa and JUNOfest.
I wish Ottawa had something annual like this, like Pop Montreal, CMW, or NXNE. Not Bluesfest, but more on a indie music festival level. Someone should get on that. 

Here are the rest of the photos.

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