Kathleen Edwards – Total Freedom [Streaming]

Yesterday was the return of Ottawa’s own Kathleen Edwards.
New album since 2012’s Voyageur and all has been said and done that she quit music and ran a nice coffee shop simply called Quitters in Stittsville.
Getting all the system and energy off comes the album called Total Freedom.
Kathleen is back in true form with her music.
But I miss the angst and potty mouth like in 2008’s The Cheapest Key when she drops BS-bomb.
As the title suggests, she has alot of “Total Freedom” on this album.

About the album:
Co-produced by Edwards, longtime collaborator and guitarist Jim Bryson and Grammy Award-winning producer and musician Ian Fitchuk, the album marks a major return for Edwards, who took an extended step away from music in 2014.

“I had no desire to write, no desire to play,” she says of what she refers to as her “working sabbatical.” “It allowed me all the time and space I needed to even just enjoy listening to music again. There were so many times where, if I was thinking about my own writing or playing, my heart just wasn’t in it.” She continues, “I don’t want to write songs that are going to keep me in a dark place for two years. I didn’t have to carry a lot of the pressure of whatever course I was on previously…There’s a pressure sometimes to keep that ball rolling, and that’s what was so freeing about stopping altogether and starting again. I realized I’m entirely in control and deciding what my course of action is.”

Total Freedom gets:

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