King of the Yees @ NAC Theatre

Photo by Emily Cooper

On Halloween, I decided to see a theatre play at the National Arts Centre.
The play was King of the Yees, written by American playwright Lauren Yee and the production by A Gateway Theatre (Richmond, BC) production.
I took my dad to this to since I had an extra ticket and he read about the play from the Ottawa Citizen and he enjoyed and didn’t fall asleep.
Very funny and entertaining play about Chinese/Asian culture and tradition in North America plus the relationship of father and daughter.
Some parts I kind of cringe because I totally get the Chinese way and stereotypes, it kind of hits home.
I was more surprised that it was Cantonese (I totally understand what they said) and a little diss on Mandarin.
It wasn’t just Chinese, there were hints of Korean with Donna Soares who plays Actress #1 mentioning how she is Korean.
Nice lighting, sound, and props.
The lion dance made me laugh the most because they blended in with a dance track!
What I took away from this play that you shouldn’t forget your own culture and one day you will forget everything.
I never grew up in Chinatown but went to down with my family for events.
It was one those things you need to cherish.

King of the Yees runs until November 11, 2017.

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