Le Ren – The Day I Lose My Mind [Music Video]

Today, Le Ren dropped her beautiful new single and music video for “The Day I Lose My Mind”.
It’s the final single from her debut EP, Morning & Melancholia, which is comes out this Friday on Royal Mountain Records and Secretly Canadian.
The accompanying video, directed by Zoë Robertson and shot on an iPhone 11, is composed of miniatures that are instep with Spear’s colorful and playful aesthetic.

About the EP:
Le Ren is the moniker of 26-year old Montreal-based musician Lauren Spear, and Morning & Melancholia serves four tracks of heart wrenching and extremely honest folk music.
“The Day I Lose My Mind,” written by Dallas Frazier, reckons with fading memories of a loved one.
It strolls with guitar, woozy pedal steel, and Spear’s assured voice.
A meditation on mourning and memory, it was written in response to a tragic event two years ago when Spear’s ex-boyfriend was killed in a car accident, leaving her as the sole keeper of their shared memories.

The Day I Lose My Mind gets:

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