Luke Lalonde – Rhythymnals [Review]

While we hold our breaths for a new Born Ruffians record.
From what I heard, the album will drop sometime in early 2013.
For now lead singer Luke LaLonde has branched off and dropped a solo album called Rhythymnals.
The album comes out on October 30th *the day before Halloween*

For those thinking it will sound like Born Ruffians.
You are in tough luck.
Rhythymnals is not what you would expect from the musician.
It’s more on the electro-synth pop and abit mininal with the sound.
You can say Rhythymnals is a very sophisticated and a personal album for Luke to make.
With songs like My Friend Archibald [R.I.P.] which is kind of a sad song.
Making me wonder who Archibald is.
There are epic moody tracks in Rhythymnals and Wave.
This is not a upbeat album and you can tell Luke is focusing on the music and lyrics and not get caught up with the popularity on what made Born Ruffians as successful.

When I saw Luke play some of the songs live at Paper Bag Records 10th Anniversary.
I was so drawn to how great and emotional they were.
Definitely an album to check out.
Best tracks:

  • Rhythymnals
  • Hate The Night
  • Undone
  • My Friend Archibald [R.I.P.]
  • Red Wagon
  • Wave
  • A Great Man

I’d give Rhythymnals 8/10.
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