Matt Paxton – Back Home In The Village (Review)

I am totally blown away with this musician from Hamilton.
Who will be playing a show at Raw Sugar Cafe on Feb 25th.
I am talking about Matt Paxton.
While a new album is on the horizon, decided to review his 2008 album “Back Home In The Village“.
His music is a blend of indie acoustic folk rock.
A mix of Jason Collett, Hayden, Bahamas and Chad Van Gaalen.
Songwriting is really amazing, with the lyrics and singing.
It has this intimate feeling that he is singing his songs in someone’s living room.

Best tracks:

  • City Of Smoke
  • My Love (Comes From the End Of The Road)
  • Down the Mountain as a Train
  • She Was Roaring
  • Before the Sun Showed Up
  • Towards the Sea

Here is a video from (I absolutely love watching the video and its new tracks from the upcoming album).

If I rate this, it would be 8.4/10.
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