Rah Rah – Going Steady [Review]

This Saturday Regina’s Rah Rah will be playing at Cafe Dekcuf and I thought I would do a little album review before the show. Going Steady is Rah Rah’s 2008 effort. I really liked the song writing and thought the violin was great in this album. An instant favourite for me was the short song My Guarantee. Simple and catchy with a folk like feel to it. Another favourite is Tentacles. The lyrics are whimsical, story-like, and interesting and are paired with a memorable melody.
Here’s a video of them performing live to Tentacles:

There were some scattered lyrics that I really liked among all the songs on the album: “I fell in love with her frown” (Duet for Emmylou and the Grievious Angel), “you are so something to me” (Castles) for instance. I don’t really know how to describe how I enjoyed the song writing of this album. “You are so something to me” and its meaning seems so familiar but hearing it said out loud (well, more like sung) brings new attention to it for me. Still makes no sense? Whatever, I really liked the song writing on this album. I think they bring a fresh take and sound to it.

Recommended tracks:

  • The Betrayal Pt. 1
  • Tentacles
  • My Guarantee
  • Castles
  • The Betrayal Pt. 2

Rah Rah will be releasing their follow up to Going Steady sometime in the spring this year. They worked on it in Montreal with Kees Dekker (Plants and Animals)Looking forward to that – but in the meantime check them out this Saturday at Cafe Dekcuf! Who knows, maybe we’ll get a taste of what’s to come in the new album.

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