Max, Average Times and Barrington Club Band @ House of Targ

From one show to another on February 23, 2019.
Over at House of Targ was Max, Average Times and Barrington Club Band
Second time seeing the Ottawa pop punk act Barrington Club Band.
They sounded pretty loud this time and there were parts during their set had that The Strokes guitar sound and their usual sad punk pop songs. 7/10.
I can’t remember when was the last time I saw Ottawa’s Average Times play.
But I needed my fix for their garage power pop rock music.
Performing tracks from their album Seconds (Going by the streaming services that it came out on December 29, 2018) and some from their 2014 self-titled album.
Great to see Dave Monks rock out to their music!
The joke going around that their set was “Above” average. 8/10.
Ending things off was the Toronto band Max.
The band is consists of Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club, Nick McKinlay of Fast Romantics & Michael Small of Meligrove Band.
Definitely a loud rocking show for this new project.
You can tell that with this new band, Dave just want to rock out and make his own music that isn’t TPC related.
Love that he had Seiji of Average Times to come up and play guitar and the drummer of Barrington sing Stand By Me.
Definitely a wonderful and surprising show to be rocking and moshing out for a Saturday night! 8/10.

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