Meggie Lennon – Jardin [Listen]

Today Montreal-based singer-songwriter Meggie Lennon dropped the track Jardin.
The second single is taken from the upcoming debut album Sounds From Your Lips which comes out on July 9, 2021 via Mothland.
A nice dreamy and breezy pop tune sung in French that makes you bask in the garden.

About the track:
Meggie says: “I randomly fell upon an article about fantasy-prone personality which is a trait in which a person lives in some sort of dreamlike state and experiences a deep involvement in fantasy.

It made me think of my own relationship with my inner fantasies, this secret garden (Jardin in French) I have within myself where I can do anything.

I believe everyone has this “Jardin” in them where they can escape reality and let their mind go wild and this is what this song is about.”

Jardin gets:

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