Memoryhouse, Flying Hórses & Sarah Bradley @ Mercury Lounge [July 11, 2013]

Went to the Mercury Lounge on July 11th for this lovely show.
Acts that played:
Memoryhouse @ Mercury Lounge
Flying Hórses
Flying Hórses @ Mercury Lounge
Sarah Bradley
Sarah Bradley @ Mercury Lounge

The show started off with Sarah Bradley.
She usually plays in the band Fevers.
This time she went solo.
The music is not what you expect from Fevers with it’s electro-dance pop music.
Her music is more pop and she sang two songs in French.
It was a nice set and hopefully she might make a solo album of her materials.
Sarah Bradley @ Mercury Lounge
Flying Hórses was next.
Last time was the same venue.
Also Jade had Craig Pedersen on the horns.
It was a nice and beautiful set.
If you haven’t heard their music it’s like Sigur Ros and Ferriswheel mixed into one.
Flying Hórses @ Mercury Lounge
Lastly it was Memoryhouse.
I was excited to see them play since it’s been about 2 years since they last played.
Kind of weird sitting down for their set since their music has more of dream new wave pop rock “sway back and forth” feel to it.
Tragic that Denise and Evan had food poisoning the night before in Cambridge.
But they managed to pull off a wonderful set.
Denise looked very much like Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star with the long hair when she sang.
Mostly played tracks from “Slideshow Effect”.
They did play one new song which was untitled at the moment.
It was great intimate and wonderful show.
Also Denise mentioned that they might be in the studio later this year for the second album coming maybe next year.
Memoryhouse @ Mercury Lounge
Here are the rest of the photos.

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