Memoryhouse – Soft Hate [Review]

Memoryhouse-Soft Hate
It’s been a few months that this album came out quietly to the public.
Toronto’s Memoryhouse was the “it” band to check out 5 years ago.
With all the whirlwind they had with their dream pop music and being signed to Sub Pop.
All of a sudden the duo of Evan Abeele and Denise Nouvion sudden disappeared and fell off the face of the Earth.

Finally this year they released their second album Soft Hate.
Looks like they had taken alot of time to get this album made without the help of Sub Pop and doing it on their own.
Still maintaining that dreamy pop sound but this time they went upbeat with the electronic synth beats of the 1980s.
Soft Hate has more of an organic feel to it.
While not groundbreaking but at least Memoryhouse are still making music.

Best tracks:

  • Fate
  • Get Back
  • Sarah
  • Knife In The Water (Not a cover by Metz)
  • Laney

I’d give Soft Hate:

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