Michael C. Duguay – Summer Fights [Music Video]

Today, Michael C. Duguay dropped the music video for the first single called “Summer Fights”.
The track is taken from his forthcoming album The Winter of Our Discotheque via So Sorry Records.

About the song/music video:
“Summer Fights” was penned during an impulsive cross-Canada relocation to the west coast’s Gulf Islands in 2014, as Michael C.Duguay’s personal life began to descend into the chaotic grip of addiction and mental illness. In the song Duguay challenges the notion that serenity can be found somewhere else rather than in the present, and explores how what we carry with us from the past shapes the present moment. When he sings, along with Guelph’s Alanna Gurr, that ‘there’s a time and there’s a place for all variety of grace; I think that we’ve found one’, he draws attention to the often overlooked abundance of plain beauty in the minutiae of daily life, and states ‘I’m here, you’re here, this is tough, let’s make the best of it.’.

Filmed by Toronto filmmaker Adrienne McLaren, the video stars David Como (Sing Leaf) and his eighteen-month old daughter, Beatrice. Shot in the rural regions surrounding Madoc, ON, where they live, the short film depicts freedom, contentment, and solitary bliss, evoking the most pastoral and idyllic possible vision of a surreal post-apocalyptic future.

Summer Fights gets:

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