Mike Dubue scoring The Adventures Of Prince Achmed @ Bytowne Cinema on April 30, 2013

Check out the Indiegogo campaign for cool perks!

If you want to check out a unique project that adds old cinema and mixing it in with live music?
Why not check out The Adventures Of Prince Achmed with live music by Mike Dubue (Hilotrons) taking place at the Bytowne Cinema on April 30th.
The people at CHUO FM, Lost Dominion Screening Collective & The Ottawa International Writers Festival is presenting this one night only event.
Featuring a new original score by Mike Dubue and Toronto composer Holger Schoorl!
The musicians performing the score are:

  • Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde – Cello
  • Holger Schoorl – Classical Guitar
  • Paul Hogan – Electric Guitar
  • Alex Moxon – Electric Guitar
  • Adam Sakailey – Piano, Cybernetics
  • Mike Dubue – Bass, Piano, Vibraphone
  • Rolf Klausener – Bass

Philip Shaw Bova – Drums, Percussion
You can go on the night of the event but there is a cool Indiegogo campaign for those wanting cool perks.
In the list of options:

  • Option A for $15 – 1 advance ticket with a reserved seat for April 30th and 1 poster for The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, designed by Adam Hughes (Mad Anvil)
  • Option B for $25 – 1 limited edition print version of the score for The Adventures Of Prince Achmed
  • Option C for $25 – 2 exclusive unreleased albums of original soundtracks, composed by Mike Dubue, from various feature and short films, TV shows, animations and theatre productions from 1997 to 2012 (Digital Format – Not For Distribution)
  • Option D for $100 – Options A, B and C which is 1 personal ringtone composed by Mike Dubue (email required for delivery) and 1 additional advance ticket with a reserved seat for April 30th
  • Option E for $400 – 1 solo house concert by HILOTRONS (Travel/accommodations extra 1hr outside of Ottawa) SOLD OUT!
  • Option F for $500 – Option D which is Composing Workshop (1 Student/4 Sessions, 2013) with Mike Dubue. Must be scheduled after May 31st. Invitations for 2 guests to the exclusive after party (Free booze and food) and Honorable mention in the evening program for April 30th.

More info click on the Facebook event or indiegogo site (ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO GET THE PERKS!!!).
Here is a link to a clip from the film (music in the clip is not from this project):

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