Mirror Mirror – Imaginary Friend [Streaming]

Today the Montreal-based singer-songwriter Lisa Iwanycki which is the moniker for Mirror Mirror dropped the EP called Imaginary Friend via Sunset Hill Music.
Imaginary Friend is 5 tracks of beautiful orchestral pop music.

About the EP by Lisa:
With Imaginary Friend, Montrealer Lisa Iwanycki marks the beginning of this solo adventure with five magnificently intimate tracks, carried by a sensitive neo-classical orchestral folk, rooted in a reinvented baroque pop.

On this first mini-album, the singer-songwriter puts intuition forward to face the concerns of modern times by honoring silence, those precious moments when time seems to be on hold and everything seems possible. A contemplative eulogy to the present moment and to human contact that takes shape through immersive and distinct soundscapes in each song. In a surge of delicacy and with a bewitching voice, Mirror Mirror invites us to let ourselves be carried away by hypnotic and magical sounds.

As a classical chamber orchestra would’ve done, the artist brought together five musicians in a room filled with natural light to build this EP, on which there is no trace of guitar, drums, synthesizers or amplifiers. Glass instruments, violins and choirs steal the show. Lisa Iwanycki – who wrote all the lyrics – was surrounded by producer Morgan Moore (also on contrabass and backing vocals), Mélanie Frisoli on recording, Ryan Freeland on mixing, as well as Robbie Kuster (glass marimba, array mbira, percussion, backing vocals), Mélanie Bélair (violin, string arrangements, backing vocals), Adèle Trottier-Rivard (vibraphone, piano, backing vocals), Joe Grass (wooden marimba), Adèle Ahmarani and Béatrice Ahmarani (backing vocals).

“The listening experience of Mirror Mirror’s debut recording has marked us all as magical. We hear and feel the room and the silence between the notes becomes as important as the music” says Lisa Iwanycki.

Imaginary Friend the EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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