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Is everyone enjoying their holidays so far?
Now the time has come to reveal my Top 10 album of the decade (2000-2009) which I called it MW2K (check out the FULL 100 albums there).
In the top 10, I had to put in a tie which makes this a Top 11.
We have four Canadians, three British and four Americans.
So here it is.
Also a footnote, this listing is based on the CD that I have owned so if I didn’t add someone like The Killers (who should have been in the list) its because I don’t have the CD.

  1. FuneralArcade Fire (2004)

  2. I would say this album defined this decade. It was different with the instrumentation and what I hear is from their live shows. The themes in this album is all about death and sadness. Hearing this album it doesn’t sound Canadian but you know it is Canadian and props to them by giving the world the attention in the Canadian indie music scene.
    Best tracks are Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), Neighborhood #2 (Laïka), Crown Of Love, Wake Up and Rebellion (Lies).

  3. Set Yourself On Fire – Stars (2004)

  4. First time knowing about this band was their song “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”. What it a song it was.
    This band just amazes me with their music and live presences at show. But this album was the beginning of their popularity due with the song just mentioned. Mix of ballad dreamy indie pop with new wave alternative pop sound.
    My take on this album is about a couple’s up and down relationship.
    Best tracks are Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, Set Yourself On Fire, Ageless Beauty, Sleep Tonight, He Lied About Death, Soft Revolution and Calendar Girl.

  5. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys (2006)

  6. They were one of the bands that tapped into the Myspace era of that year to get their music around. Call it the DIY approach.
    It caught wildfires in the UK and parts of the world with their blend of British indie rock and post punk revival.
    It was a breath of fresh air with rock making sort of a comeback during the times of rap/hip-hop.
    Best tracks are I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Fake Tales Of San Francisco, Dancing Shoes, When The Sun Goes Down and A Certain Romance

  7. Kid ARadiohead (2000)

  8. Might be surprised why this album is not #1 mostly because its been on everyone’s list. But its still a perfect and significant album of this decade.
    Significant because they didn’t do any promotion on this album. No music video and radioplay which made a surprising debut at #1.
    In that year with Napster running, people were downloading this album to get a feel of the new material.
    Its such a dark album they have produced which the theme is when the world goes horribly wrong. Lots of electronic bleeps and dark empty spaces of sound.
    Best tracks are Everything In Its Right Place and Idioteque.

    Sorry about showing Idioteque, its my favorite song in the album.

  9. (TIE) Stripped – Christina Aguilera (2002) / Oops!… I Did It Again – Britney Spears (2000)
  10. While compiling this list, I wanted to put both in the top 10 and when I left one. I needed to a do instead.

    2002 was a shocker when Xtina (as she was called) showed her “Dirrty” side when she released that song and the accompanying music video. Boy did she cause a riot.
    Dirrty was a big hit outside the USA where it was a big hit in the UK, Europe and Asia. But in America not everyone was liking the “Dirrty” side. So the label decided to release “Beautiful” stateside and it changed everything. Without Beautiful, she wouldn’t have the talent and longevity in the music buisness.
    Stripped does shoe her talents but its an album where she got creative control and sing about what is personal to her.
    Best tracks are Can’t Hold Us Down, Loving Me 4 Me, Beautiful, Dirrty and I’m OK.

    2000 saw the release of Britney’s second album “Oops!… I Did It Again”. Which is so far the highest selling album for a female artist.
    After the success of Baby One More Time she wanted to step it up a notch with the second album and it wasn’t a sophomore curse.
    Anyways I would say this is the last album which Britney does the bubblegum pop route and going into slick/edgier pop route.
    Don’t take face value and just enjoy the album as it is.
    Best tracks are Oops!… I Did It Again, Lucky and Stronger.

  11. You Forget It In People – Broken Social Scene (2002)

  12. Call me a late bloomer in the Broken Social Scene musiciverse. I got this album in 2008 and was blown away with the production value on it.
    In that year it was the beginning of what was to come with the musicians who were in Broken Social Scene like Feist, Apostle Of Hustle, Stars and Metric.
    Surprised to who was involved in this album
    It is Canadian indie rock at its best.
    Best tracks are KC Accidental, Stars and Sons, Almost Crimes, Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl, Cause=Time and Lover’s Spit.

  13. Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? – Metric (2003)

  14. Metric was at its best with this album.
    Full of great indie new wave and indie rock tracks. It capitulated their popularity all over Canada.
    Best tracks are Succexy, Combat Baby, Dead Disco and Love Is A Place.

  15. Sea Change – Beck (2002)

  16. What a sad album, who knew Beck would write such an amazing album.
    Dealing with a breakup you can hear his pain and sorrow.
    Best tracks are The Golden Age, Guess I’m Doing Fine, Lost Cause,

  17. In Rainbow – Radiohead (2007)

  18. Who knew you can pay what you can for this album.
    This is the Radiohead album which they are happy to write whatever they want to write about.
    Best tracks are Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Reckoner and Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

  19. FutureSex/LoveSounds – Justin Timberlake (2006)

  20. In this second album, there was a change in sound and let’s say he brought Sexyback and electro-trance-pop.
    The album sounds like a step into the future.
    My Love is the one track you need to listen to before you die or when the world will end.
    Best tracks are FutureSex/LoveSounds, Sexyback, My Love, Lovestoned, What Goes Around Comes Around, and Summer Love.

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  1. gabe

    you forgot cellar and gustav. making a huge name this year. check em out on itunes! reverb, emusic, napster, amazon, etc.
    check it out awesome sound reminds me of the good trip hop of the late 90s early 2000’s

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