No Filter’s Top 5 Songs of the Week [Feb 2 – 8]

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Check out this week’s Top 5 Songs on my radio show called “No Filter”.
Don’t forget to vote often for the songs that is listed to be put into the Top 5.

  1. Purity Ring – push pull [LW:NEW TW:1]
  2. Ought – Today More Than Any Other Day [LW:NEW TW:1]
  3. Hilotrons – Tackle The Strand [LW:2 TW:2]
  4. Viet Cong – Silhouettes [LW:3 TW:2]
  5. Big Dick – Let Down [LW: 1 TW:2]

Don’t forget to vote for next week’s Top 5 Songs.
Please I don’t want the Top 3 to be static 😛

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