Nutrients – Different Bridges [Streaming]

Today the Toronto-based group Nutrients dropped their long awaited album called Different Bridges via Earth Libraries.
A mix of summery retro-soft rock and jangle guitar citypop music.

About the album:
The ten hopeful songs on Different Bridges manage to sonically sound as optimistic as their lyrics.
The band’s sun-drenched guitars continue to jingle and jangle, yet this time around, other ingredients are in the spotlight.

Sean McKee’s basslines ecstatically bounce around on the album’s title track opener, while Iulia Ciobanu’s ghostly harmonies and tense keys soar on the jazzy, lounge-pop bop “Nauseous”.

Ben Fukuzawa’s steady cadence and vivacious fills animate tracks like the spritely closer, “Kool Kat ‘22”.

Saxophone by guest Emily Steinwall shimmers alongside the buoyant congas, bongos, and triangle added by percussionist Juan Carlos Medrano.

Still, guitar work on songs like the wordplay-adorned I and the nostalgic House Fire Painting sturdily underpin Taylor Teeple and Will Hunter’s smooth songwriting.

Different Bridges gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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