Blunt Chunks – Natural Actors [Music Video]

Posted the track back in March.
Now the Toronto musician Blunt Chunks who is the project of Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (Jaunt) has released the music video for Natural Actors from the self-titled EP via Telephone Explosion Records.

About the track:
“Natural Actors” is a stunning intro to the new EP gently placing Caitlin’s scintillating vocals on top of twinkling piano and off-kilter percussion. Speaking about the track, Woelfle-O’Brien says: “I wrote this song in 2015/16 when I was in a relationship with someone who I was also living with. He would go to work in the mornings and I would wake up slow, drink too much coffee, and kind of mill about until I went to work in the afternoon.

“This day I had eaten cotton candy for breakfast (leftovers from going to The Ex – a big fair in Toronto – the night before) and had too much Turkish coffee and was wired. I had been drinking wine every night since the previous holiday season so I was a bit ashamed of my health. I sat down and wrote the song in one go and recorded it into my laptop mic. As I finished the recording, my partner walked through the door. It was about him but hopefully he didn’t hear it, lol. The beds were recorded at the now-defunct Trailer Studios in the East End of Toronto. People say the lyrics to this one are strange/unique and I guess that’s true! It’s just a domestic song, I feel like it’s my “unhappy housewife” song. Like a woman in the wrong place for her own light to shine. I’ve struggled with that a lot over the years.”

Growing up as a dancer and studying musical theatre in Toronto’s East End, Woelfle-O’Brien’s training in performance became a lesson in vulnerability. She learned how effectively the body stores memories and realized that unvarnished emotions are at the root of every polished project. Her close proximity to the Montreal underground avant-electronic scene in the early 2010s that gave rise to artists like Grimes and Magical Cloudz gave her first-hand evidence of the human voice’s unlimited potential; when used in conjunction with her wide arsenal of musical tools she began to create endless worlds of sound and song.

Natural Actors gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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