NXNE 2010: [Part 3]

Finally here is part 3 of my adventures at NXNE.
The events that took place on June 19, 2010.
Not a lot happened during the afternoon, so I decided to take a small break and do some shopping.
It was also the same day as the Toronto Island show featuring Pavement and Broken Social Scene.
I did check out the Young Dundas Square show and saw a bit of Surfer Blood and Wavves.
Met the lead singer of Surfer Blood who apparently thought my name was Nick.
I wasn’t getting into Wavves for some weird reason, they sounded like a poppy version of Japandroids.
My first stop was The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.
It was CBC Radio 3‘s showcase and it was a live, on-air taping.

Playing at the Horseshoe that I got to see were:

I missed out on Attack In Black and Huron.

Library Voices blew the venue off.
Gorgeous” Hannah Georgas was simply amazing to see.
Bruce Peninsula blew the venue off with their pack of 10 members.

After that I headed off to Sneaky Dee’s.
I got there when they had the “surprise guest” being Man or Astro-Man?
It was some set they put on.
Then I was at Sneaky Dee’s was to see Ruby Coast play.
Apparently with the last band, it took awhile to get the stage cleared off.
Who knew that Ruby Coast’s Toronto fans would go so nuts!
It was so insane I kept getting pushed up, hitting the monitors and almost hitting my head on Justice.
It was a wild show, especially compared to Ottawa, which is tame.
This takes the cake.
Tragic that it had to be a short set since I was eager to hear new tracks from the upcoming full-length.

Afterwards, I headed up to Wrongbar where I caught Best Coast again and it was fun time.
This ends my journey of NXNE 2010.
Hope to do it again next year!

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