NXNE 2010: [Part 2]

Here is part 2 of my times at NXNE in Toronto.
These are the events that happened on Friday June 18, 2010.
Its was a full day of excitement with BBQs, live music at a park and various venue hopping.
The first stop was going to Bellwoods Trinty Park.
Took me about an hour finding out where the spot is considering Bellwoods is a big park.
It was a great afternoon listening to bands play their songs acoustic.
The best were of Young Galaxy singing Firestruck (my favorite), Imaginary Cities just blew me away and The Balconies who did a really neat setup with Jacquie doing violin.
It was a nice afternoon and it was the only time I got to check out the Live In Bellwoods Picnic sessions.

After taht I headed off to the Global Backpacker Hostel.
It was where Kelp Records was holding their BBQ.
Got there in time for Camp Radio‘s set.

Saw abit of Hollerado‘s set. Apparently I missed the confetti part because I was at the washroom.

Headed off to Young Dundas Square to catch abit of Said The Whale’s set.
Surprised that Damian of F**ked Up was there to host the shows.

Surprised to see alot of people seeing Said The Whale since it was a free show.
Loved hearing Dear Elkhorn and This City Is A Mess.

After leaving that show, I headed up to Supermarket to catch Sally Seltmann.
Very nice intimate set but only stuck around for two songs.
She had that nice angelic singing voice.
Not really sure if Feist made an appearance?

Then I headed up to the Whippersnapper Gallery to see Inlets.
When I got there, there were people sitting on the floor.
This was my second time going to this venue, last year Matt & Kim played there and it was insanely hot and wild.
This time seeing Inlets it was intimate and profound.
This part gets really interesting, while I was moving around getting shots of the band.
I turned to right and noticed Basia Bulat was there. I was like surprised to see her there.
She is friends with the band and they were staying at her place.
Seeing Inlets was one of those rare finds at NXNE.

It was a coincidence that Basia and I took the cab together to head over to Wrongbar to see Katie Stelmanis.
I haven’t seen her live in about two years.
All I have to say that she sure has changed her music.
More of that electronic-synth pop sound to oppose to the operatic pop.
She had Dorian from ex-Spiral Beach be a backing band.
It was a great set but wished to hear more songs from her.

After Katie was Diamond Rings.
I couldn’t get enough of his music and what a set it was.
He comes up on stage with feathers on his back, make up and looks like 80s styles clothing.
At least the audience was having fun and dancing to his music.
I only stuck around for three songs.
He did play Wait & See and his new song Show Me Your Stuff.

Then I headed off to the Dakota Tavern to see Evening Hymns.
It was my first time checking out the venue and it has a really nice setup and love the lights on the wall.
Got there and caught abit of the Wheat Pool.
Evening Hymns was playing the same time as Japandroids but I wanted to see Evening Hymns instead.
I noticed Tim Bruton from The D’Urbervilles was there playing with him.
Loved the hat Jonas was wearing.
This has to be my favorite set despite the typical Torontoian people chatting loudly during the quieter songs.
Hearing Dead Deer almost made me want to cry.
What a set and really love the Dakota Tavern.

Lastly I headed up to El Mocambo at 2am to see the “special guest” being Zeus.
Caught abit of The Golden Dogs and surprised with the turnout for that band.
At that time I was feeling drained from all the music and running around.
They put on a great rocking set.
I heard that Kevin Drew showed up at 3am which I happened to miss out because I was so drained.

So that was my Friday night at NXNE.

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