October 22nd show

On October 22nd, went to Zaphods and saw:
Sadie Hell
Sadie Hell @ Zaphods
Modern Boys Modern Girls
Modern Boys Moder Girls @ Zaphods
Since it was two acts the show started off at around 9pm-ish.
There was suppose to be another act but had to pull out due to a family member being sick.
Sadie Hell started off and it was just Ben doing a solo set.
Interesting set up he had this time.
A little worried that may fell off the chair.
Anyways a good set.

Lastly Modern Boys Modern Girls played.
It wasn’t until like third or fourth song when people started dancing to their music.
Mostly this old man maybe very drunk, just got people to join in and dance with him.
It was interesting thing to see.

It was an interesting night.

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