Bruce Peninusla with Right By Midnight, The Allrights and Brothers Chaffey @ Mavericks

It was fun rocking music time at Mavericks on October 24th.
Playing at the show were:

I’ve seen Bruce Peninsula alot of times that I am losing count when they come to Ottawa.
This time there were six members and they were driving straight from Halifax Pop Explosion.
Some of the members are busy with other stuff.

The first band was Right By Midnight. They are a new band and their music was indie acoustic rock.
I remember seeing Kris Ward play in the summer when he opened up for the TGTGG.
This time he has a guitar player.
It was a nice set.
Right by Midnight @ Mavericks
The second band was The Allright and I’ve seen them alot.
They were rocking out with their set.
Some people were dancing away to their music.
They are a fun band to see live.
The Allrights @ MavericksThe Allrights @ MavericksThe Allrights @ Mavericks
The third band was Brothers Chaffey.
Their music is very Blues and had a great harmony.
Made me wonder if it just them or they usually have a full band.
Brothers Chaffey @ MavericksBrothers Chaffey @ Mavericks
Finally it was Bruce Peninsula.
When I found out that it was six and how they were going to pull that out.
First time the band was less than the usual seven or eight members.
Last time I saw was about ten back when they opened up for The Acorn in 2007.
They actually pulled it off with just six members.
Loved hearing Steamrollers, Crabapples and others.
Ottawa was the last date for their tour.
They surely topped it off.
Loved when the members wore this fabric badges on them.
Lastly their encore was a cover of a Fleetwood Mac. Which everyone was singing to it.
Way to end off their fall tour.
Noticed a member of Green Go was in attendance. He is in Ottawa for some climate summit.
Bruce Peninsula @ MavericksBruce Peninsula @ Mavericks
Here is a Youtube clip of them singing Steamroller

Here is Crabapples


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