Odario – Peace [Listen]

Odario dropped the second single from his upcoming EP called Good Morning Hunter which comes out on October 23, 2020 via Do Right Music.
Peace which features Winnipeg emcee Len Bowen and Vancouver vocalist Dawn Pemberton is a great shakin’ upbeat hip-hop soul track to listen to.

About the song:
About the inspiration for “Peace”:
Odario shares “Just prior to writing, I was in search of downloadable songs that could calm my tampered nerves.
I wanted to inject a sense of hope and positivity into my life during such heavy times.
And it was that moment I decided to write my own version of what I was searching for.
What I wanted to hear.”

On the production, he reflects “Len has been a prominent staple in my career, as he’s been featured on every release of mine since I began writing rhymes.
I knew ‘Peace’ would be a perfect fit for his impeccable flow.
Dawn has an infectious vibe that can make any song sound better.
Together we wanted to promote upliftment in marginalized communities through our music… with an understanding that, yes, together we can make it work.”

Peace gets:

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