Luka Kuplowsky – Stardust [Streaming]

Luka Kuplowsky‘s Stardust is finally out today via Mama Bird Recordings (USA) and Next Door Records (Canada).
A beautiful intimate folk pop album filled with love, breakups and death that will warm you up during the cold autumn season.

About Stardust:
The new album continues where we left off with Kuplowsky’s Judee Justin Arthur Mary, the reimagined covers EP from earlier this year.

Stardust sees Luka incorporating strings and horns to accompany the jazz-inflected folk sound that he explored on his EP.
The album is truly a cinematic exploration of song by Kuplowksy, who works as an adjunct professor of film in Toronto.

His narratives often twist and weave through realism and melodrama, romanticism and surrealism.
Kuplowsky has an ability to create non-linear narratives that both feel complete and can leave your head spinning with a simple lyric; such as the standout line on the eponymous “Stardust”, where Luka sings, “Did I make an angel blush, with my suffering, my loss?”.

Kuplowsky explains his heady vision for the new album, saying;
In Stardust, the voice is a planet and the band, satellites in orbit.
The songs find their flow in this dance, finding balance not in cohesion but rotation.
Similarly, the lyrics are not necessarily narrative or linear, rather they are spheres of thought and contemplation.
Verses and choruses circle an idea rather than move towards a foregone conclusion.
Let’s extend this metaphor further in another direction.
Stardust is indebted to the creativity of Joni Mitchell, Arthur Russell, John Trudell, and Ryan Driver (among others).
Think of influence not as a mask or screen, but also an ORBIT.
You gotta create your own gravity, or else you’re just drifting…
Forever an apprentice in song,
Luka Kuplowsky

Stardust gets:

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