Operators and Little Scream @ Ritual Nightclub [February 25, 2016]

This is one exciting show I didn’t want to miss out on a cold chilly windy wintery Thursday.
Performing at Ritual was Operators and Little Scream.
Both acts have new albums coming out this year and were previewing it.
Operators @ Ritual Nightclub
The show started off with Little Scream.
They had an interesting set-up with Laurel on stage and her band members consisting of Mark “Bucky” Wheaton from The Luyas, Mike Dubue of Hilotrons and Laurie Torres of Folly and the Hunter playing on the floor.
It was a mix of materials from the first album The Golden Record and her upcoming second album which comes out in May.
People were dancing when the song Love As A Weapon was being played.
Little Scream @ Ritual Nightclub
It was Operators turns to play and it was an exciting set.
Fun and dancey electro-rock music!
Previewing tracks from their upcoming album.
Definitely an awesome show!
Operators @ Ritual Nightclub
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