Owen Pallett/Diamond Rings @ The Black Sheep Inn

Went to the first night at the Black Sheep Inn to see,
Owen Pallett (formerly known as Final Fantasy)
Owen Pallett @ the Black Sheep Inn
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings @ The Black Sheep Inn

Something about the Black Sheep Inn made this show very magical.
Diamond Rings started of the set.
I was with Catriona Sturton and we dance like crazy during his set.
Here is a video of Owen singing Fantasy (Yes its the Mariah Carey cover)

Owen Pallett played and he was accompanied by Thomas Gill who did guitar and drums.
It was a nice intimate evening listening to songs (click on more to read the setlist, thanks Matt).
Has been three years since he played in the Ottawa.
At first I wasn’t expecting to see him due to being at the Black Sheep Inn and couldn’t find a ride.
But due to some nice friends of mines and last minute decision, it was worth getting a ticket due to the demand of Owen’s popularity.
I was entranced with his music and didn’t take alot of photos.
But I did videoed some tracks like The Dream of Win and Regine, CN Tower Belongs To The Dead, Lewis Takes Action, 49 MP and Fantasy!!
I was in the “OMG” moment that he actually sang Mariah Carey’s Fantasy!!
Surely made my night to hear that song.
What a musician!
Great first night at the Black Sheep Inn.

Here is Owen’s setlist

  • Ankles
  • Dog
  • Elsewhere
  • Flare
  • Butcher
  • Estranged
  • Win + Regine
  • Cn Tower
  • Action
  • 49 MP
  • lamb
  • shirt
  • encore
  • interview
  • fantasy

Check out the photos.

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