Pat Jordache – Future Songs [Review]

This flew by under the radar.
Glad that Constellation Records is giving Pat Jordache‘s 2010 Future Songs the remaster & reissue treatment.
The re-issue with a new album artwork will drop on April 26th.
Going to review the album when it came out last year which was free on Bandcamp (not available) and was ranked #40 in the Best of 2010 Canadian albums.
I wouldn’t know how the remastered version of the Constellation version will sound like?

This is what I love about this:
With the original sessions lost in the theft of Jordache’s laptop from a Montreal roadside smoked meat shop, the initial release of Future Songs was in lo-res, self-mastered 160 kbps mp3.
In one of the many small miracles of our digital age, full resolution back-up .wav files of the sessions were dredged up from a forgotten Mediafire account, from which the songs were re-mastered for the Constellation release of the album.

Pat Jordache @ Club Saw
Future Songs is filled with crazy lo-fi experimentations of loops, guitars, drum and vocals.
With that cute boyish charm look, he sure knows how to make wild and crazy music.
Songs about isolation, sex, relationship and life.
Parts on the album has that 1980s feels almost similar to Joy Division.
I like to think of this being the male version of Tune-Yards.
If you like experimental pop music, check out Pat Jordache.
Pat Jordache @ Capital Music Hall
Best tracks:

I’d give Future Songs, 8.8/10.

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