Paul Jacobs – Half Rich Loner [Music Video]

Today, Montreal-based musician Paul Jacobs dropped the music video in which he drew, animated and directed himself called “Half Rich Loner”.
Paul who also plays in the band Pottery is going to release his upcoming solo album Pink Dogs on the Green Grass on April 30, 2021 via Blow the Fuse Records.
A cool psych-rock track that leaves you feeling hazy.

About the track:
Half Rich Loner is a rambling road runner classic in the style of 60s icons Canned Heat and JJ Cale. Following a prolific run of garage rock releases and an album and EP with his band Pottery (in which he plays drums), this new song is the first single off Pink Dogs on the Green Grass, his upcoming album and debut Blow The Fuse release, due out April 30th. Mastered by Oliver Ackermann of A Place To Bury Strangers.

True to Paul Jacobs’ signature style, the animated music video ranges from bold black lines and patterns to super bright colors. Jacobs’ drawings show an everyday man doing everyday things, as he teases a single note on guitar to tell the tale of a working stiff struggling to get by. “I enjoy spending time alone and drawing pictures, what’s wrong with that?” he says in reference to the song’s title.

Half Rich Loner gets:

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