Peas&Carrots @ Cafe Dekcuf [April 6, 2013]

Went to Cafe Dekcuf on April 6th.
There was three bands playing mostly in the folk-rock and pop genre.
So I am going to make them separate.
The first of three bands I saw was Peas&Carrots.
Peas&Carrots @ Cafe Dekcuf

I really want to see them play.
They played a wonder, cute and adorable folk-pop music.
Peas&Carrots @ Cafe DekcufPeas&Carrots @ Cafe Dekcuf
The songs they played are off their Soundcloud site.
But they are so cute to see live too!
Peas&Carrots @ Cafe Dekcuf
Here are the rest of the photos & Vine videos

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