Peggy Baker Dance Project with Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara @ NAC

Literally caught wind about this NAC Dance show on Thursday night through word of mouth from a Montreal music friend at OAG’s Spring Exhibition.
There was no way I wanted to miss out the show and was lucky to see the first night.
Canadian dance artist and Governor General’s Award for Lifetime Achievement Peggy Baker‘s who we are in the dark offers the immediacy of daring contemporary dance, supercharged live music, and exceptional visual design elements.
What I was more interested about that show was Peggy collaborated with Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara, both members of the Juno and Grammy Award-winning rock band Arcade Fire.
Both performed and composed original score for this show.

Here is a brief detail about the show:
In 2015, violinist Sarah Neufeld and Peggy Baker premiered fractured black which is a brief, blazing duet that opened with the lyrics “who we are in the dark.”
With a fierce appetite to continue creating together, they zeroed in on that opening line as the starting point for a new work exploring the alluring darkness of night, intimacy, sexuality, the unconscious; the creeping darkness of uncertainty and malice; the confounding darkness of bafflement, secrets, the unknown; the dreadful darkness of cruelty, suffering, grief; the comforting darkness of condolence and contemplation.

My take on the show:
To be honest, I was more focused on the music aspect of the show.
I have to say that it was so mind-blowing listening to Jeremy go at it with the drums and Sarah on the violin.
They make perfect music on the realm of experimental, contemporary classical and instrumental music.
There was a nice part when it got drone-ambient which was mindful but was hard not to close my eyes and not see the dancing.
The way they build it up to the finale was simply wow!
While it may not be Arcade Fire like music it was great to explore different kinds of music. 9/10.

On the dancing part, I am not familiar with it but I do like contemporary dancing.
Beginning part, I tried not to giggle when the dancers were bare foot and you can hear the squeaking on the dance floor plus the sound of grunting and moaning.
The dancing was nicely done and with the added visuals made it look impressive.
Talking to a friend after the show, mentioned that it wasn’t bold as it may be with Peggy’s previous choreographed.
What do I know?
Sure was a wonderful experience to check out the dance scene in Ottawa. 8/10.

[Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh Photography courtesy of the NAC]

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