Photos from the 6th Ottawa Community Record Show

I went to the 6th Ottawa Community Record Show that took place at St. Anthony’s Hall in Ottawa.
I hadn’t been to this in awhile so I wanted to check it out.
Let’s say there was already a big line up before 11am.
But the line moved quickly.
St.Anthony’s Hall is pretty big but it was pretty overwhelming.
It was kind of hard to get through to some of the people while trying to look for records.
I took my time and just tried to find what I really wanted to get.

Luckily I got something from the record show.
Here is what I got:

I still can’t believe I got Bjork’s Telegram for $8.
I did had the CD but it got lost.
Decided to get Peter Gabriel because I love the songs Sledgehammer and Don’t Give Up with Kate Bush.
Just wanted that Sugarcubes album.

Here are the photos I took from it.

More info or contact who is running it just click here (Yes I know the website is kind of outdated).
Or contact Dave Aarvark if you are a vendor and want to sell off your collection of vinyls.
The next one is in the fall time.


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