Photos of 4in1 Acoustic Sessions #7 [August 12, 2012]

Well summer is sort of beginning to wind down in August.
But it was still a good time to do 4in1 Acoustic Park Session.
Originally it was suppose to be at Strathcona Park but checking out the weather for Sunday, I had to move it to the tunnels again.
The tunnels is located beside Mill St. Brew Pub (555 Wellington St).
Here are the acts that played 4in1 Acoustic Park Session #7
Loon Choir
Loon Choir @ 4in1 Session #7
Catriona Sturton
Catriona Sturton @ 4in1 #7
David Little g
David Little g @ 4in1 Session #7
Phantom Shores
Phantom Shores @ 4in1 Session #7
Ornaments @ 4in1 Session #7

Having seen them on Friday night at the Black Sheep Inn.
I just had to put them on this bill.
I wanted to hear them go acoustic with their material from Fire Poems.
They put on a great set minus a member.
Loon Choir @ 4in1 Session #7
As I put down as a special guest.
It was Catriona Sturton everyone!
I didn’t want to get in trouble since she was playing a show later that day.
But anyways she put on a great acoustic folk rock pop set.
Also she did a great blues set.
Totally amazing.
Catriona Sturton @ 4in1 #7
David Little g was up.
No it wasn’t the Gallop.
This time it was mostly music written by David himself, just backed up by the members of The Gallop.
A great set and still wasn’t sure if he was singing songs from his stuff or the Gallop? 😛
David Little g @ 4in1 Session #7
Phantom Shores was up.
First time seeing them as a four-piece.
They played a nice indie acoustic folk pop set.
Cool to see Renee play the Cello, viola and violin.
They sounded amazing in acoustic form.
During half-way of their set, the rain started pouring down which I thought sounded neat.
The band mentioned their album will drop in November. So look out for it.
Phantom Shores @ 4in1 Session #7
Lastly it was Ornaments.
This was the first time hearing them go acoustic.
They had a Double Bass and Violin player for this set.
They pulled off the acoustic setting really well.
Ornaments @ 4in1 Session #7
Overall this session turned out really well.
Even with the change in location.
I actually like using the tunnels.
Here are the rest of the photos.

This was suppose to be the last 4in1 Session but I’ve decided to do one in September and possibly in October.
The next one will be on September 30th.
So far no acts and location hasn’t been announced.
If you are a musician or in a band and want to play in this session.
Just contact me but it has to be acoustic.
Thanks to everyone that came!
Thanks to the acts and Xavier and Helena for filming session #7.
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