Polaris Prize Prediction on The Weeknd’s House of Balloons

Here is the tenth and last album on the Polaris Music Prize 2011 shortlist.
It is House of Balloons by The Weeknd.

I am going to cut to chase and make my prediction on the album.
It is hands down that *hopefully* 100% that The Weeknd will win this year’s Polaris Music Prize.
If it’s not then it will be a big uproar.
We don’t need anymore single white guys winning the Prize, more diversity please!
It’s one of the most diverse in this year’s shortlist.
Hopefully if The Weeknd, it should be the make up for Shad not winning last year.
Listening to House of Balloons, it is like listening to the Canadian version of James Blake.
If you like R&B mixed in with dubstep.

Best tracks:

I’d give House of Balloons 10/10.
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