Pop Montreal 2011 – Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore

Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
The last “it” show that I attended on Friday night’s Pop Montreal was at Il Motore.
Was there to support the Chinese Canadian musician Alex Zhang Hungtai who goes by Dirty Beaches. Y’know give support to the Chinese!
My third time this year seeing Dirty Beaches live.
I noticed this is the first show I’ve been to Il Motore where it was totally packed. The few times I’ve been there it has been half empty.
This was a good turn out.
Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore

Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
A funny thing happened before Dirty Beaches went on.
This girl went up to me and recognized me from covering shows in Ottawa.
I was kind of surprised and they drove from Ottawa just to watch this show.
Also the girl was Chinese which made it more fun and interesting!
Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
This was my first time seeing Dirty Beaches have a drummer (from Silver Dapple) and saxophonist.
It was a mix of lo-fi rock and punk.
Mostly played some new tracks which I have never heard.
The audience was totally getting into his music.
With the loud tracks people were moshing but in a safe way.
Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
When he played “Lord Knows Best”, the audience went crazy.
People were slow dancing or swaying back and forth.
I didn’t expected to see that.
Considering in Toronto, people mostly stood during his set.
But seeing the Montreal audience they were totally getting into his music.
Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
Alex was so emotional with his music.
Mostly with “Lord Knows Best” when he screamed in some parts.
Having that feeling of that pain when you have broken up with someone.

With the backing band, it added more substances into the music.
Dirty Beaches @ Il Motore
Definitely one of the best shows that night.
I didn’t get to take a photo when he was combing his hair like Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in the film “In The Mood For Love” after the show ended.
Here are the rest of the photos.

So love this song and music video!

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