Pop Montreal 2012 (Pop Symposium) – A Radical Re-Imagination of Music in Canada [September 19, 2012]

Before I headed to the Pop Montreal opening party.
I decided to kill some time and check out this Pop Symposium.
If you don’t know Pop Montreal isn’t just your typical live music festival.
They also have event that is catered to industry or music nerds.
Here is a blurb about the symposium.
The Symposium offers intimate access to a diverse range of the figures, ideas and forces at the heart of today’s music world, focusing on the relationships between art, culture and creativity.

I went to this one called “A Radical Re-Imagination of Music in Canada: Engaged Audiences and Creative Possibilities”.
It featured Tim Hecker, Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart’s Sister, Ian Ilavsky of Constellation Records.
Moderated by Will Straw who is a professor of Art History and Communications Studies at McGill.
It was a pretty unique discussion on does Canada have a distinct sound?
They also talked about the music scene in Montreal
How art and music are different when it comes to grant money.
Pop Symposium with Tim Hecker,Caila Thompson-Hannant, Ian Ilavsky & Will Straw
I wanted to hear what Caila had to say.
I was very captivated on hearing Tim Hecker had to say (I was surprised and forgot he was in it).
Ian of Constellation Record was good to hear. I was very surprised that the label hadn’t use any grant money from the government.
I didn’t stay long but it was a pretty an interesting panel.

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