Pottery, Paul Jacobs and Tinker Toy @ Pressed

Saying goodbye to 2017, First Crush presented a loud and crazy show at Pressed on December 30, 2017.
The bands that performed were Pottery, Paul Jacobs and Tinker Toy.
Tinker Toy @ Pressed
The show started off with Tinker Toy.
Formerly known as Spell, the band performed a unique blend of soul funk alternative rock.
Similiar to Un Blonde, if they are going to that route of music style.
Paul Jacobs @ Pressed
Second band was Montreal’s Paul Jacobs and it was literally off the roof with loudness!
Pure psych-rock garage punk loud music!
Pottery @ Pressed
Ending off the show was Montreal’s Pottery.
A little toned down from the last set considering it is the same members.
Still rocking with its psych-rock garage punk music.
Still a wonderful night to end off 2017!

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