Pree, Loon Choir and Wind Up Radio Sessions @ Avant-Garde Bar

On August 5th, I went to the Avant-Garde Bar to see three bands.
I always like going to that place not because of their drinks but it just feels abit cozy.
It was my first time seeing three bands play in Ottawa.
Was a nice of indie folky rock music at the bar.
The bands that played were:
Loon Choir from Ottawa
Loon Choir @ Avant-Garde Bar
The Wind Up Radio Sessions from Ottawa/Montreal
The Wind Up Radio Sessions @ Avant Garde Bar
Pree from Washington DC.
Pree @ Avant-Garde Bar

The first band to play were Loon Choir.
This band has six members.
Their music is very indie pop with some rock and folky sounds to them and very catchy.
They were actually good live.
You should go check them out if you can.
Loon Choir @ Avant-Garde Bar
The second band to play were The Wind Up Radio Sessions.
This trio is from Ottawa, Montreal and UK.
I did talk to two of the members and are very nice people.
Their music is indie folk-rock.
One song they sang was Brit pop since one of the member is from the UK.
Actually like the song Nairobi which is a rocky fun track.
Great band to see.

The Wind Up Radio Sessions @ Avant Garde Bar
Finally the Washington DC band Pree was up.
Pree were amazing and great.
Blend of indie poppy alternative folk music.
Music is very catchy and love their instrumentation they had.
Got to love the glockenspiel that Chris Dewitt played.
Hearing May Tabol’s vocals was very nice and cool.
Such an great band to see live.
Pree @ Avant-Garde Bar
So that was my Wednesday night.

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