The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Mavericks [August 6, 2009]

On August 6th, it was fun rocking time at Mavericks.
The bands playing were:
The John Punch Band from Ottawa
The John Punch Band @ Mavericks
Old Crowns (aka Anchors) from Ottawa
Old Crowns @ Mavericks
The Rural Alberta Advantage from Alberta/Toronto
Rural Alberta Advantage @ Mavericks
It was a night of where I didn’t know the people who attended this show.
But its was good that the RAA is getting alot of exposure now these days, being on the Saddle Creek label.
The first band to play was The John Punch Band.
They are a trio from Ottawa.
A acoustic folky rock set.
It was very nice to start off.
If you missed them, they will play again on August 22nd at the Blacksheep Inn for their CD Release show.

The second band to play is the newly named incarnation Old Crowns.
Previously the band was called Anchors.
I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen them live.
But they are surely doing really well and coming out on their own with the live performances.
I took their setlist.

  • Sailor
  • Shaky
  • Two Birds
  • Papercuts
  • Keep Calm
  • Crutches
  • She’s A Weight
  • Dead Dogs
  • Hems

Favorite is had to be Keep Calm. It had that experimental rock sound.
They will play again on August 17th while opening up for The Wooden Skys.
Rural Alberta Advantage @ Mavericks
Finally it was The Rural Alberta Advantage.
I finally got a chance to see them.
Last time they were in Ottawa, I was at the Blacksheep Inn to see Basia Bulat.
Heard that the show was totally packed.
This time it was great and more people were there too.
It was a fun folk rocking show.
They played tracks from the album Hometowns.
Favorite was hearing Don’t Haunt This Place.
That is when people started dancing.
I was dancing and it was fun.
Also loved hearing Sleep All Day.
Nils during the encore sang the cover Eye Of The Tiger acoustically.
I think I almost fell on the floor when I heard that.
It was nice to see Paul Banwatt do his drumming and the lovely Amy Cole doing backup vocals and some drumming.
I totally enjoyed and was amazed by this show.
So I recommend you to get their album Hometowns.
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