Priors, Vanity Phase and Empty Nesters @ House of Targ [October 13, 2018]

Totally forgot to post these photos from the October 13, 2018 show at House of Targ.
But it is good timing since Montreal’s Priors will drop their second album New Pleasure out on November 16, 2018.
Made it for parts of Empty Nester‘s set.
Again I’ve seen the Ottawa garage-punk band so many time that I lost count. 7/10
Then it was Vanity Phase (second time this year) with his new wave synth punk. Sadly no silver wig this time! 8/10.
Priors totally killed it with their intense garage punk music.
Previewing alot of materials from New Pleasure.
Totally a loud, wild and crazy set. 8/10.

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