Pup and Casper Skulls @ Bronson Centre

My first show at the Bronson Centre in 2022.
Knocking on wood if I don’t catch COVID considering the concert was totally sold out and became a hot and sweaty show.
Pup and Casper Skulls @ Bronson Centre
Toronto punk rockers Pup returned to Ottawa to a hot scorching packed show.
The band is currently on the PUP Returns! Tour and promoting their long awaited new album The Unraveling of Puptheband.
Felt like deja vu since they last played the same venue three years ago.
This was definitely a feel good concert after the crazy two years everyone has had on this pandemic.
Pup and Casper Skulls @ Bronson Centre
Kicking off the show was Casper Skulls.
Another band I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.
Great to hear them play materials from 2021’s Knows No Kindness, Mercy Works, Lips & Skulls and even King of Gold.
Good for the band to gain some new fans too.
Check out the gallery.

Overall show gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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