Radiohead – The King of Limbs [Review]

What a surprise!
Radiohead‘s new album “The King of Limbs” was released ahead of its scheduled date (Feb 19).
With eight tracks and clocking in at 37 minutes, this must be the shortest Radiohead album ever.

Somehow listening to the whole album, it doesn’t have that magic and surprise “In Rainbows” did.
With I think this will be a album that will take more times to listen.

The album begins with “Bloom” which is similar to the skipping beats reminiscent to “Everything In Its Right Place” but more vibrant and layered in the sound.
Morning Mr. Magpie has that Claustrophobic to it with the fast paced guitar sound.
Little by Little is very Radiohead and no its not a Oasis’ cover.
Feral is a fast paced electronic beats which feels like a mix from Kid A and Amnesiac.
Lotus Flower another electronic rock song with Thom going falsetto. A unique music video of Thom dancing.
Codex I feel is one of the stand out and non-electronic song. A very quiet track with Thom on the piano with the added orchestral elements near the end.
Give Up The Ghost which is another non electronic song. Very spacey and nice to hear somewhat of “acoustic” Radiohead.
Separator which ends the album. It has that catchy electronic beat and nice soundscape.

Overall I find The King of Limbs to be a mix of electronic rock record.
With all the speculation on which old tracks would make.
Seems like none like Big Boots, These Are My Twisted Words and Follow Me Around didn’t make the cut.

Best tracks:

I’d give The King of Limbs 8/10.
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