Adele – 21 [Review]

2011 might be Adele’s year and will become a big superstar.
Kind of strange for North American’s to get her second album on February 22nd considering the album has been out in UK/Europe since January 19th.
So far the album has been a big success in UK.
Will this success live up to North American’s expectations, we will find out.

This might be her strongest album ever.
Its all about the singing vocals of Adele which people will truly fall in love.
The fourteen tracks are a mix of pop, blues/souls, rock and ballads.
We all know that Rolling In The Deep has been played various times.
You should check out the remixes.
The big standout track has to be Someone Like You.
If you see Youtube live performance clips, it will make anyone give chills down your spine or make a grown man cry.
While other tracks you should out are Turning Tables and Set Fire To The Rain.
Alot of emotions when she belts out that voice.
Typical Adele fashion, she does The Cure’s cover of Lovesong.
Will this be her “Make You Feel My Love” in 2011?

Overall I totally forgot how talented Adele is.
The whole album is very slow downed and ballad like for those into those romantic moods.

Best tracks:

I’d give 21 a 9/10.
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