Belle and Sebastian – The BBC Sessions [Review]

I know its not the right album to get me started with the band Belle and Sebastian.
I really love the BBC Sessions album cover and yes I know you shouldn’t judge an album by its cover.
Unless someone comments and tell me which album to start off from them.
I’ve heard of them but was not familiar to their music. Considering I used to buy issues of the magazine Q and they had a thing where their first album Tigerlily was out of print but is available now due to a better record label. Now finding the original copy on vinyl is totally hard to find now.

But I decided to check out this album.
Just because it had BBC in it and anything that has BBC should be good. Am I right?

Belle and Sebastian is going to be one of those acts that I will never get to see live in concert.
Totally an underrated band and surprised on how a committed fanbase they have while reading up on them.

Their music on the first half which is the Radio sessions is amazing.
I love the first four tracks which is the “Mark Radcliffe Sessions” and it has that British radio feel when a band plays live.
You can hear the quality of the session different when you get to the “Evening Session” since its the band playing than just the solo.
And the famous John Peel sessions is amazing to hear.
With the radio sessions you can hear how much Belle and Sebastian has changed musically and lyrically.
Still keeping their indie poppy sound.
The second part is mostly a live concert.

Overall I really like this album.
Lyrically their music is daring and have interesting song titles like Shoot The Sexual Athlete and Judy and The Dream Of Horses.
Mostly the Radio Sessions is the best part in this album.
They have that unique indie pop sound.
Very happy and uplifting.

So now I have to think which studio album of Belle and Sebastian to get?
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