Concert Review: Sci-fi Spectacular at the NAC

This could be under music.
All I have to say is I had an amazing time going to this show at the NAC.
Spur of the moment since I couldn’t go to another show which I won’t mention
George Takei is on another blog.
Sparked my interest now in classical orchestra symphony shows.

I was kind of surprised the tickets I bought.
Why you ask?
When my brother and I got in, we were in the front row near the stage.
Must be good timing to get those tickets.
I got a nice view of the orchestra except for the back row of the orchestra.

They started off with the Star Wars theme.
It was nice to hear.

Second was Lost In Syndication, mostly TV themes.
Favorite was The X-Files and The Jetsons.

Third was Superman, which a singer named Mike Eldred sang.
I almost had to keep a straight face since I didn’t want to embarass myself.
Could tell it got abit cheesy with the singing.

Then it was Star Trek, the lights were on George Takei and the audience was going crazy.
Female singer named Kristen Plumley did the vocal harmonies of Star Trek theme song.
I swear you can put a glass and watch it break.
Narrated the opening and played the music of each of the Star Trek series.

Intermission and after that they played a sound clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Hearing HAL gave me chills down my spine

Then it was the Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Suite
Nice and intense track.

This one took the cheese, it was the theme song from Star Trek: Enterprise.
I had to keep another straight face and I was like going to laugh big time.

Then it was the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Amazing to hear that track.

Somewhere in Time, that was really beautiful to hear.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, was very intense and epic.
George came up and did a narration from the famous scene.
Apparently after that they started singing When You Wish Upon A Star.
I swear, Kristen Plumley can sing and take down Susan Boyle anytime.

Lastly it was the Star Wars: Episode 1 theme called Duel of The Fates.
That was my favorite and it sound so much like the part in the film.
I so have to buy the soundtrack.

Being the first time at the NAC.
I was amazed with the production they put on.
Music was nice, amazing and beautiful to listen.
Go and check it out if you can.
Runs until April 25th.

I should try and check out good classical music at the NAC.


  1. Naz

    Kristen Plumley vs. Susan Boyle sounds like another NAC show lol. So how is George looking these days? As if he was in ottawa for THIS of all sci-fi spectacular shows…

  2. david pickeral


    Check out Mike Eldred’s site. He’s much more than a “Sci-Fi singer”…


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