birdsacrosswater – Like Art [Review]

I got this album which I didn’t get to see on Thursday night.
Like Art is by birdsacrosswater, who is a solo artist by Nic Lefebvre (also in Hunt Chant).
This is like a side project at the moment for Nic.
His other band mate Michael O’Brien is with Sick Friend.
I swear there must be something significant in the Montreal music scene.

birdacrosswater’s music is very folky acoustic with some experimental sounds.
Right now I can’t think in my head of what artist he sounds like.
Maybe abit like Chad Vangaalen or Destroyer.

This CD is very arty in sound.
Very haunting in tracks like:

  • We Be Right Then
  • Dagger In The Ground
  • Sunday Ballad
  • Pretty Purple Shades
  • Like Art

A distinct 1960s folky sound and overall a nice and creative CD.
Nice to see an artist use different instruments on the album.

Best tracks:

  • We Be Right Then
  • Dagger In The Ground
  • Like A Knife
  • Ye Olde Dirty 2 B
  • Sunday Ballad
  • Like Art

Go on Bandcamp and check it out.

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