Revisiting Kaputt & Polaris Music Prize 2011 Predictions

Here is the fourth album that I am reviewing the shortlist nominees in alphabetically order.
It is Destroyer‘s Kaputt.
This album came out on January 25, 2011.
Since it’s release the album has gain critical praise.
Destroyer Kaputt Hi-Res Cover Art
Depending on how the juror members will vote.
This album is one of three albums that will be a shoe-in to win.
With it’s unique lyrics (One was about doing coke) and it’s music styling.
As for myself (going to pull a Madonna) I absolutely loathe this album. 😛
I’d say Kaputt will have a 95% chance of winning it based on what everyone is saying. (Technically in my own words I say 50%)

I am not too familiar with Dan Bejar’s work as Destroyer.
The first time I heard Destroyer, I fell in love with the song Foam Hands from Trouble In Dreams.
There is something about the ending in Foam Hands with the whistling.
Which reminded me of this Hong Kong band Beyond back in the late 80s/early 90s when they sing that kind of music.
Besides playing in a popular and famous band.
His work as Destroyer is far different, more like ambitious art-rock music.
Kaputt is his ninth album (Whoa! Nine, why am I not aware of his works?).
Listening to the nine tracks, it was like re-living through the 1980s.
Make that the eight tracks since Bay Of Pigs seems like the odd one out.
Felt like I was listening to some 1980s soundtrack to the likes of Bright Lights, Big City or movies which New York City is the setting.
A Joy Division/New Order inspired track in Savage Night at the Opera to a 1980s synth-pop in the epic Suicide Demo for Kara Walker which the f-bomb has been dropped a few times.
To the smooth saxophone jazz-pop style like in Chinatown, Blue Eyes and Song For America.
Surprised that Bay Of Pigs was added in this album.
As I mentioned before Bay Of Pigs being the odd one out since its more artsy experimental which is what people expected from him.
Dan Bejar is a truly talented songwriter.
Very thought provoking on Americanism, finding drugs and just being hopeless in love.
Overall its a good album for the big Destroyer fans.
Best Tracks:

I’d give Kaputt 7.5/10.

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